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Career Consulting.

Career Consulting

Understanding that one of the most challenging periods of an employee is whether they are on the right career path, HRus Partners provide consulting services to people that are questioning their current work life, feeling overwhelmed or having difficulties setting their career goals.

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We are fully prepared and equipped to provide the best guidance to job seekers when it comes to:

Career Choice & Guidance

Whether you are just on your way to kick-start your career or you are looking for a career change with better satisfaction and fulfilment at work, we are here to help you.

HRus Partners can connect you with experienced professionals in the field you are interested so you can get a broader understanding of the profession you would like to follow.

CV Writing

Ideally, a CV should not extend 2 (two) pages and should reflect all your skills and experience for employer companies to know you are the right person for the job.

In brief, below are the golden rules on how to form your CV:

Do not exceed the 2 (two) pages

Show your contact details clearly, particularly your email address and phone number

Always list your career history in reverse chronological order (most recent first)

Use bullet points instead of long-winded sentences

Make sure your key skills stand out

Leave out any personal details such as your marital status

Interview Preparation

HRus Partners understand the significance of an interview preparation and is here to guide you on how to achieve the best presentation of yourself during both a structured and an unstructured interview.

In brief, below are the golden rules on how to conduct an interview more efficiently:

Research the industry and company you’re applying for a position with, and learn as much as possible about their main products, key people and culture, as well as the Interviewers’ profile. It is important to identify a common vision between you and the company and to be able to show your motivation for getting hired and working with the company’s people

Practise your answers to common interview questions which are usually related to your academic choices, general qualifications and work experience

Clarify the reasons you want the job and your interest towards the specific company

List your questions for the interviewer, demonstrating your serious intent and your interest to get to know more on the company and the day-to-day work environment


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